Cleaning Out A House

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As I watch my loved ones take on the process of cleaning out their parent’s home, I’m reminded of my own experiences. First with my Dad’s house, then, more recently, with my mother-in-law Doris’ home. It is staggering how much stuff we all accumulate in a lifetime, and my Dad and mother-in-law were no different.


Dad’s House


My father lived in his home until the end of his life. Getting rid of stuff wasn’t easy for him, and things were organized into neat piles – large stacks of magazines, shoes neatly in a row.  Over the years, we made small attempts at cleaning out the clutter. He had enough magazines to open his own newsstand.  In the early stages of dementia my father was convinced that he would win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes… as long as he bought lots of magazines. And the stacks just got bigger.  My sister Adrienne would grab a stack of magazines and stuff it into her tote to throw away when she left. But, no matter what we did the stacks would return.


As Dad’s health declined, the focus changed from the “stuff” to more important things. Hiring live-in caregivers, doctor’s appointments, the dissolution of our family as I knew it.  And to make matters worse, there was the usual tension as the family struggled to say goodbye – high emotions, legal issues, and everyone trying to pretend it wasn’t as bad as it was. Clearly, the “stuff” would have to wait.


Cleaning out the House By Proxy


And it did wait, until our father’s death. We planned a memorial service for my dad and struggled over what to do with our parents’ cremated remains. Dad died in late August, and by Halloween we had closed on his house.  We had to clean out the house fast. Our realtor recommended a service that could help by emptying the house for us.

We went through the house and made sure everyone had a chance to take anything they wanted to keep. Then the service came in and removed truckloads of furniture, clothes, books, all kinds of things. A lifetime of stuff disappeared in less than a week.



It’s never easy having to go through the things our loved ones leave behind. We know, because we’ve been there. That’s why we are here to help you. Our professional team will come to you and respectfully remove anything you don’t want. We’ll do our best to donate or recycle as much as we can, so their items can live on. Call us or schedule an appointment online and let us come help you through this difficult time.

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