Commercial Junk Removal

Whether your business is gearing up for a new headquarters, you’re renovating your current building, or it’s simply time for a company-wide clean out, our commercial junk removal company is ready to help! We have the skills and resources to efficiently tackle your unwanted junk — including everything from appliances like printers and refrigerators to office furniture, filing cabinets, and other items that are no longer of use — with ease.


Types of Properties We Work With

Office Buildings

Whether you’re moving out of your current office building, renovating your workspace, or have heaps of old furniture getting in the way of how you conduct your business, it pays to partner with a commercial junk removal company in Raleigh, NC, who can handle all of the heavy lifting for you! We provide efficient, safe, and eco-friendly office furniture removal services that free up space for your employees, clients, and site visitors.

Apartment Communities

Overseeing your apartment complex is a big enough task — let alone the idea of removing leftover junk when you’re looking to have new tenants occupy units, move out old ones, or when you’re first purchasing the property.

Our commercial junk removal company in Raleigh, NC, can handle all of your apartment community’s needs! Our team has the training and resources necessary to safely remove items without damaging other units or disrupting residents.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools and campuses at large must foster a clean, streamlined learning environment — and if you’ve noticed that, over the years, unused junk has begun to pile up in classrooms, closets, and even outside, it’s time for a cleanout! Our commercial junk removal company can help declutter — and reinvigorate — your school, helping faculty, students, and parents feel confident and comfortable in your educational atmosphere.

Other Commercial Junk Removal Specialties

Real Estate Cleanouts

Whether you’re an agent, investor, or simply interested in flipping houses, you know that presentation is the name of the game when it comes to real estate. Our real estate junk removal services are designed to clear any unwanted items from homes and commercial properties you oversee to get them decluttered, organized, and, ultimately, market-ready.

Commercial Scrap Pick Up

Business owners may find that getting rid of metal items can be a challenge, especially if they are too large to place in a commercial trash bin. If the material is scrap metal or a broken piece of equipment, selling is off the table. With our scrap pick up services, you can trust our team to haul the following off of your commercial property:

  • Plumbing fixtures and other office renovation debris
  • Construction debris, including material scraps, packaging, and concrete
  • Iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and brass
  • Any other unwanted metal junk

Why Partner With Our Commercial Junk Removal?

  • Convenience: As a business owner or property manager, you have to consider the amount of team it takes to clear out, load, and haul and dispose of your junk. Depending on the size and volume of junk you’re looking to haul away, you could be looking at a clear-out project that takes several hours or even days to complete. By outsourcing commercial junk removal, you won’t have to fret over the logistics or cut down your productivity.
  • Cost efficiency: Our trained employees are trained and efficient, giving you the best bang for your buck when it comes to commercial junk removal. When you select a few employees to help, you’re pulling them away from their primary roles and responsibilities, which eats away at your business’s internal workflow.
  • Ensured health and safety: Depending on the nature of your waste, the seemingly straightforward task of moving junk can actually be quite risky. Since office furniture, equipment, and other items are typically large, heavy, and cumbersome, abrasions and back strains are very real consequences for the untrained.

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In addition to commercial junk removal, we offer the following:

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