How Can I Responsibly Dispose of My Old Electronics?

Discarded old desktop computer and keyboard on the side of the street - E-Waste Removal and disposal

Is it time for a new computer set up? Maybe your trusty refrigerator is starting to act up on you. Either way, we all have to consider getting new electronics at some point, and with every new product comes finding a home for the old one. It’s easy to throw out old cardboard boxes or […]

What Happens to My Junk After It Gets Picked Up?

Junk getting picked up from residential areas by 1-888-Pik-It-Up. Bulk junk removal and yard waste removal - Commercial bulk junk removal

Junk removal services are responsible for gobbling up tons of waste and unwanted items and dispersing them for homeowners. If you’re like one of the many homeowners we service, you might wonder where this junk goes once taken away from your home. A high-end junk removal company will make sure to get rid of your […]

Streamline Your Spring Cleaning with Professional Junk Removal Services

Woman overwhelmed by the boxes of junk in her living room

As the new season dawns and you prepare to bid farewell to the remnants of winter, there’s something truly satisfying about decluttering and clearing out the unnecessary items that have accumulated. Whether you’ve indulged in a few too many impulse clothing purchases or decided it’s time to part with old furniture, spring cleaning provides the […]

Throwing Out Junk — Can I Throw Away My Old TV?

Old forlorn TV on the side of the road

Whether you’re moving into your new Raleigh, NC, dream home, or you recently filed your tax return early and have more money to play with, getting a new TV is a thrilling experience. You’re marveling at your new TV with all the bells and whistles and then realize you have no use for your old […]