How Can I Responsibly Dispose of My Old Electronics?

Discarded old desktop computer and keyboard on the side of the street - E-Waste Removal and disposal

Is it time for a new computer set up? Maybe your trusty refrigerator is starting to act up on you. Either way, we all have to consider getting new electronics at some point, and with every new product comes finding a home for the old one. It’s easy to throw out old cardboard boxes or small pieces of trash, but you can’t stuff your microwave in your municipal garbage and call it a day. So how exactly can you get rid of old electronics responsibly? 

Bring It to a Local Recycler 

Local recycling programs are great ways to properly dispose of your electronic junk, as they take a wide variety of electronic devices and are available anywhere. Many of the most common retailers, like BestBuy or Staples, have recycling options in their stores when you walk in. There are also recyclers that offer drop-off locations for specific items like cell phone batteries or other rechargeable batteries.

Municipal Garbage Collection Services

If you have smaller electronic waste and can easily dispose of it, consider reaching out to your municipal garbage collection services. Make a quick call and describe the product to them; they might let you leave it out on your sidewalk for collection. On larger garbage removal days, you can leave your items on the sidewalk for people looking to salvage goods the day before. 

Trade It In

Certain locations like Apple or Gamestop offer trade-in options where you can take an electronic device or video game and swap it out for a new one. Depending on the cost or value of the device you give in, you might have to pay for the remainder. Still, it’s a great way to responsibly hand off electronics with personal information while also getting something useful back. You also won’t have to trade the device in for another device, and can even receive a gift card that you can use in the future, either at that store or other locations.

Donate It

If your device has some value, why not donate it to a non-profit organization or someone you know can find use in it? While your old cell phone might not be valuable, a younger child might enjoy it as their first gift. If your home appliances work fine and you just want a new one, don’t just get rid of them. Donate them to a family or an individual who might need them more than you, which helps you keep the environment clean and put a smile on someone’s face.

Contact Your Local Junk Removal Services

Another way to make junk disappear is by calling your local junk removal services and disposing of the electronics. If you have old electronics that you haven’t found time to move or large products you want to get rid of safely and efficiently, reach out to your local junk removal company. These services are especially great for homeowners with electronics that either take up a lot of space or are difficult to move. Junk removal services can take these products right out, keeping your home free of electronic waste.

If you’re in North Carolina and searching for electronics recycling in Raleigh, reach out to 1-888-PIK-IT-UP today! Our junk removal specialists can lift anything from refrigerators to TVs and will get rid of any type of electronic waste you need gone. Don’t hesitate — contact us today and prevent your junk from making a home in your residence!

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