Throwing Out Junk — Can I Throw Away My Old TV?

Old forlorn TV on the side of the road

Whether you’re moving into your new Raleigh, NC, dream home, or you recently filed your tax return early and have more money to play with, getting a new TV is a thrilling experience. You’re marveling at your new TV with all the bells and whistles and then realize you have no use for your old TV set anymore. 

Like other electronic devices, your TV set cannot get put out with the rest of your trash. So before you put it out, thinking someone might pick it up before trash day pickup, you may want to consider the available e-waste disposal methods your area has to offer. 

Why Can’t I Throw My TV Out?

While it may seem easier to put your TV in the trash pickup or bulk removal service, the TV’s internal workings make this a non-starter. TVs contain certain toxic chemicals that would cause significant environmental damage if and when it starts leaking in the garbage dump. If you want to get rid of your old TV, you need to look into an e-waste recycling program to help safely dispose of TV and other electronic devices. 

Can I Donate or Sell It?

As long as your TV is still functional, you could try donating it to an organization that needs it. You could also try selling it to someone looking for a TV that works. However, finding ways to recycle your old TVs responsibly can help protect the environment in the long run. 

Finding a Recycling Facility

While not every component of your TV can get recycled, there are still salvageable parts with the proper facilities. Properly outfitted facilities can take the TVs apart and find the ones that qualify for electronics recycling. You can begin to make a noticeable impact on your local North Carolina community by responsibly recycling your TVs. 

Getting Your Old TVs to the Recycling Center

The most challenging aspect of getting your old TV recycled is getting it to the facility in question. If you have more than one TV that needs to be recycled and you don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport them safely, you could be in store for a rough time. While some recycling centers may offer a pickup service, hiring an experienced junk removal service to handle the transportation may be more beneficial. In Raleigh, NC, that’s the 1-888-PIK-IT-UP team.

Our team has the experience and capabilities to transport and dispose of your e-waste safely. If you live in or around Raleigh, we can come to your home, pick up your TV and other bulk items, then take them to be properly recycled and disposed of safely. 

In addition to your old TVs, we specialize in a wide range of electronic devices that need the proper facilities to be recycled. From old smartphones to broken computers, laptops, and tablets, we can come and pick up your old electronics and dispose of them through the proper channels. 

To schedule your next bulk trash and e-waste pickup, we’re here to help. Contact the 1-888-PIK-IT-UP team to schedule your next appointment with us today!

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